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Cut Crystal Table Lamp
Ref SVT103 (85)
Doulton Lady C1950
Ref GT131 (188)
Georgian Coaching Lamp
Ref N101 (95)
Candlestick With Amber Glass Shade
Ref DD133 (65)
Edwardian Light Fitting
Ref CM105 (110)
Pair Of Victorian Brass Candlesticks
Ref DD133 (68)
A Pair Of Barleytwist Sticks
Ref MAR109 (48)
Ebonised Candle Stand
Ref SVt103 (40)
An Amber Glass Shade
Ref DD133 (48)
A Victorian Lamp
Ref DD133 (35)
Painted Vintage Lamp
Ref SVT103 (55)
Late 19thC Brett Stoneware 5Gal. Flagon Lamp
Ref IJJ122 (125)
Victorian Oil Lamp
Ref LIN118 (55)
Victorian Mahogany Standard Candle Lamp
Ref N101 (295)
Pretty Chandelier
Ref CM105 ( 110 )